Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A busy week

Just back on deck after Monday-Tuesday away as usual, and in a day-and-a-half I'm off again - this time to Melbourne for the Council for Lutheran Education in the South East Region (CLESER) dinner and meeting.  The dinner happens on the night beforfe the last meeting of the year.

What complicates things is that it is also my 38th birthday on Friday, and my wife and daughter would dearly like me to be at home.  If I'm lucky enough to be able to leave the meeting by 3pm, I should be home for a late dinner at 7pm or so.

Later today I am opening the Dimboola Hospital Show with a prayer and a blessing, so I had to have a clerical shirt ironed - which my wife kindly did for me this morning.

On Sunday we note the Reformation (viva Luther!) and we have children from our St Peter's Lutheran School participating by reading the lessons and putting on a short dramatic sketch.

To cap it all off, it's been two months since the Messenger- our newsletter - has gone out, and needs to be published before Sunday.

It's going to be quite a week!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cabin was OK - not fantastic

The particular cabin we were in this week certainly took a lot less time to set up - it was all constructed on our arrival (unlike a tent!)  However the mattress wasn't as good as the one at home - you certainly do sleep best in your own bed.

It was good not to have to air sleeping bags, clean, dry and fold a tent before heading out the next morning, however.

Moreover, Blood on the Southern Cross was almost inaudible, thanks to having thicker-than-canvas walls around us.

It was still cold - it got down to 0 degrees Celcius.

Back in the parish, it's Dimboola Show Day this Saturday, but I have a wedding at 3pm, so I shan't be able to go.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A cabin this time!

Definitely a cabin - the lure of a comfy inner-spring and solid walls is too great!

One thing that I didn't mention - in a tent you can very clearly hear the sound and light show from Sovereign Hill "Blood on the Southern Cross." It's a great show - I saw it on 31 May when at a conference, but hearing it - twice a night - when trying  to sleep is less great.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tenting pics

Here's a pic of our tent site - the tent has a 3.2x2.2m dome, with a 2.2x2.2m entrance.

[Actually, I must have remembered wrong - it's more like 3.8x2.8m with 2.8x2.8 entrance - total floor area is then just under 18.5 square metres]

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tenting again

Did I say brave last time?  Whereas last week we temperatures in the mid 20s (Celcius) and Maria and I even went swimming in the outdoor pool, we had a very chilly two nights this time.

We arrived at 17:30 and set up camp in a bitterly cold breeze.  What with inflating air mattresses and all it took nearly two hours.  Maybe we need to get an electric pump!  Two nights of below zero temperatures and the day in between only a maximum of 15 - it was decidedly not the weather for light pyjamas and T-shirts!

We struck camp on Tuesday morning (10th October), and managed to get everything aired, dry and into the car just before 9am, which was quite a feat.

Next week?  A cabin or a tent-site?  There are times we favour the one, times the other.  But after a good night's sleep on an inner-spring mattress, rather than a sleeping bag on an air mattress, I'm leaning back to the cabin!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Going Tenting

We're going away for an appointment near Ballarat on Tuesday morning,
and since we couldn't get a cabin in the caravan park as usual, we are
going to be brave and spend a couple of nights in a tent instead. For
everything there is a first time!

This is the only photo of me I could easily locate - it was taken when getting newspaper publicity for the 25th Anniversary of the St Peter's Lutheran Church building in Dimboola, in 2005.