Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Birthday changes

I forgot to mention that I didn't celebrate my birthday alone.  My daughter was so upset at Daddy not being there for his birthday that I rang the motel and upgraded the room to a family unit.

Before we left Dimboola, the school staff gave me a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me.

At the CLESER dinner, my birthday was also acknowledged, and the administrator kindly offered to repay the extra tariff that I had paid for the room upgrade.

After my CLESER meeting on Friday (during which my wife & daughter drove to the Healseville Native Animal Sanctuary and back) we headed home.  We stopped in Ballarat on the way for a birthday tea at La Porchetta.

When we got home to Dimboola (about 9pm) I blew out my candles and we had some birthday cake.

A different sort of birthday!



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