Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fires, Power outages, wind! (not quite earth, wind and fire!)

After a busy week - including the aforementioned trip to Melbourne and back, and the Bothe reunion here in Dimboola Saturday and Sunday, we headed out Monday for our usual Monday-Tuesday janut up-country.  We left evaporative cooling ticking over on low speed, because the temperature was already well into the 30s by mid-morning.

We came home to smoke haze, 100km/h gusts and a power-outage.  Fortunately the power was only off for 90 minutes or so.  The smoke came from a largish fire near Goroke - some 40km away from here, the other side of the Little Desert National Park.

Since then, the power came back on, and a cool change came through.  The temperature dropped from mid 30s to 16 by 19:30 or so, and we had an overnight low of around 11 degrees.

The wind gusts left their mark, however.  One tree in the church yard split right down the trunk, and will have to get the chop.  Another lost a major limb.  A tree at the school was blown out of the ground roots and all, and several limbs from other trees came down.  We hope that all these will be dealt with by day's end.


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