Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Virus ... stay home ... teeth!

This week a nasty cold virus hit hard and so we didn't make our regular pilgrimage to Ballarat on Monday, returning Tuesday, but did have a phone consultation.

A side effect of the virus seems to have been my swollen glands pushing against my wisdom teeth, causing dreadful nervous pain - think of a long bolt from above the temple, just inside the face, past the front of the ear, and down to the point of the jawbone on the right side, with a nut on the end being constantly tightened.

Paracetamol, and codeine every 4 hours help, but I've found myself counting the minutes until I can take the next dose.  So I am lucky enough to have gotten into the dentist at 3pm this afternoon.  We'll see what sort of treatment is ordered.!


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