Saturday, January 27, 2007

Root Canal, Part III

The dentist finally finished the root-canal on Thursday just gone.  He told me I had very good nerves, because anaesthetic notwithstanding, they were very touchy!  However he finally managed to remove all the sensitive material and fill in the canals.  One more visit to fill the crown, replacing the temporary filling, but not until May - what a waiting list!

The heart-attack came (figuratively speaking) when I as asked whether I wanted to take the account or pay straight away - I just handed over the credit card and was stunned to hear $775 was being charged to it.  Ouch!  No more dental work this year - my insurance must be maxed out.

Holidays? Yes, ... but!

Starting on Monday I commence three weeks of annual leave, and we are going on holiday as a family, tenting.  That will be an adventure.  Hopefully, we won't miss the comforts of home too much!

The snag is, in this calling (as also in some others, I concede) the work that would ordinarily be done whilst away gets crammed into the time before and the time after.  So although you do get your time off, it is a much-needed break after the flurry of getting so many extra things organised in advance!

Before I return I have three AGM report deadlines - hence, the reports need to be submitted before we go.

I return to work on the morning of 20 February - Shrove Tuesday.  This means that Ash Wednesday services (2 of them 11am and 7:30pm) need to be arranged in advance.

Statistics are due in by the end of February, but I will hit the ground running very fast when I return, so I'm getting those in before I knock off tomorrow, too.

Holidays?  Yes, .. but!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coming Out!

Yes, I'm coming out of the closet, telling all!

No, it has nothing to do with my orientation (sexual), but everything to do with my orientation (technological).

I have hitherto been a closet-disciple, but I shall now be somewhat more militant.

I'm into Linux  (pronunciation: "linen" -"en" + "ex")

Having for some years experimented, and for more than 12 months banished non-linux Operating Systems at home (including the beast from Micros**t - Windows), I am now going on a crusade!  Well, maybe not a crusade (that would suggest under the banner of the cross, which is a very Lutheran motto, yes, but not the maiming and killing bit).

During the Black Death, the cry "Bring out your dead!" was heard.  Well, I'd like to cry "bring out your locked-in, expensive, bug-ridden, security-poor, resource-gobbling monolithic operating systems!"

Root Canal Part II

Yesterday, some two months after Part I, my dentist continued on the root canal work.  The one canal (of three in this molar) is badly inflamed.  The dentist assures me that 90% of root canal doesn't cause pain but I drew the short straw - despite gallons (it seems!) of local anaesthetic, when he actually probed down that canal it hurt more than a little.  On one occasion I literally jumped up with my whole body - quite a feat when you lying horizontally on a dentist's chair, a clamp over the tooth and a sharp instrument in the dentist's hand!

Friday, January 05, 2007

More bark!

Here's another view of the tree and bark.

Bark, bark!

Check out this bark on a tree in the Hamilton, VIC, Botanic Gardens!