Saturday, January 27, 2007

Holidays? Yes, ... but!

Starting on Monday I commence three weeks of annual leave, and we are going on holiday as a family, tenting.  That will be an adventure.  Hopefully, we won't miss the comforts of home too much!

The snag is, in this calling (as also in some others, I concede) the work that would ordinarily be done whilst away gets crammed into the time before and the time after.  So although you do get your time off, it is a much-needed break after the flurry of getting so many extra things organised in advance!

Before I return I have three AGM report deadlines - hence, the reports need to be submitted before we go.

I return to work on the morning of 20 February - Shrove Tuesday.  This means that Ash Wednesday services (2 of them 11am and 7:30pm) need to be arranged in advance.

Statistics are due in by the end of February, but I will hit the ground running very fast when I return, so I'm getting those in before I knock off tomorrow, too.

Holidays?  Yes, .. but!


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