Sunday, February 25, 2007

Giving something up for Lent?

On our last week of holiday, my wife asked me whether I would give something up for Lent: to wit, she asked me would I give up chocolate.


I just can't do it!  Nor can I the other suggestion: coffee.  It's precisely the busy-ness of this time of year that require me to dose up on caffeine just to survive!

Of course, the whole point of giving something up as part of your Lenten self-discipline is that it should be a discipline.  I can give away smoking easily enough - I've never smoked.  We hardly have alcohol in the house, so I can give away drinking alcohol (except HC on Sundays) easily enough.  Neither of these is a discipline for me, though.

Maybe I should give up chocolate for Lent - I haven't had any yet.  Oops, yes I have!  A bus in Ararat nearly hit our car on Friday night - the driver failed to give way as he pulled out from the Railway Station.  Toni insisted on buying me a chocolate bar (Snickers) after that, while I fueled up the car.

So what will I give up for Lent?

Suggestions welcome, especially from those who know me well!

Busy times!

After returning from three weeks holidays, a lovely, refreshing break, a very busy week

A funeral to attend (not conduct) on my first day back, coinciding with the car receiving a major service (among other things new titanium plugs - 6 for $75, new brake fluid, and new transaxle fluid, as well as the more pedestrian engine oil, oil filter air filter etc) for starters.  Also the first day of 4-year-old kindergarten.  Last year, one day a week (Wednesday) for 2.5 hours.  This year, 2 days a week from 0845-1345.

Ash Wednesday brought a meeting with the school principal at 8am, a Bible Study at 10am, a HC service at 11am, a Guild Bible Study at 1:30pm, a wedding rehearsal at 6:30pm, and the main HC service at 7:30pm.  After getting away from that, more time in the office until just after 10pm.

Thursday a hoped-for 8am departure became 0837, and I arrived at around 1315 in Box Hill, Melbourne for the first of my meetings - Australia Lutheran School Pastors / Chaplains Conference planning group.  The conference is in September. A night in a motel, followed by the Council for Lutheran Education in the South East Region (CLESER) meeting on Friday.  Traffic getting out of Melbourne late Friday not pleasant.  What with stopping for a meal in Ballarat on the way home, it was almost 2200 before arriving back.

Saturday (yesterday) the wedding was on at 4pm.  Before that, the typing of the reports for the Katyil AGM (the person who was doing it has had her PC succumb to a trojan attack and is still unusable), the modifying and duplication of the Bulletin (my secretary did all the work, I just had a couple of updates), and then I managed to set off the burglar alarm at the school when going off to duplicate it.

After the wedding, checking off that I had dotted all the i's for the government regulations of the Marriage Act, before joining the reception a little after 6pm.

Today it's the parish AGM after a 9am HC service in Katyil.  Next week it's Dimboola's AGM, the week after, Katyil.  This afternoon I need to do a little visiting, before a much-needed day off tomorrow.