Sunday, February 25, 2007

Giving something up for Lent?

On our last week of holiday, my wife asked me whether I would give something up for Lent: to wit, she asked me would I give up chocolate.


I just can't do it!  Nor can I the other suggestion: coffee.  It's precisely the busy-ness of this time of year that require me to dose up on caffeine just to survive!

Of course, the whole point of giving something up as part of your Lenten self-discipline is that it should be a discipline.  I can give away smoking easily enough - I've never smoked.  We hardly have alcohol in the house, so I can give away drinking alcohol (except HC on Sundays) easily enough.  Neither of these is a discipline for me, though.

Maybe I should give up chocolate for Lent - I haven't had any yet.  Oops, yes I have!  A bus in Ararat nearly hit our car on Friday night - the driver failed to give way as he pulled out from the Railway Station.  Toni insisted on buying me a chocolate bar (Snickers) after that, while I fueled up the car.

So what will I give up for Lent?

Suggestions welcome, especially from those who know me well!


At 1:39 pm, Blogger Rodney said...

Hey mate,

Food :-) [Chocolate is a "dietary supplement", not food!]. Matt 4:4



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