Friday, March 09, 2007


Any spare time I've had to myself (generally late evening after the rest of the house is in bed) I have been using on my current hobby project - a MytHTV box.

MythTV is a software package that turns a PC with a TV tuner card into the mythical convergence box - TV, recorder, web browser, you name it.

The snag is, it's incredibly complex.  Many have written blogs of their experiences in trying to get it to work.

I picked up a cheap tuner card (analogue TV only) in January, and have installed it in a Pentium-III system @ 450 MHz with 256MB RAM - a fairly modest configuration.

I can tune in TV fine, now that I have crawled under floorboards to run coax antenna lead from the booster under th elounge to the other end of the house where my home office is.  Recording it and getting MythTV up is another matter.  And getting the remote control working is the hoped-for light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I'm off to another home now to bring a shut-in Holy Communion.  Next posting I'll mention some of the difficulties with MythTV.


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