Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Holy Week

We call this holy week, but what is holy about it?

* Is it the holy - days that schools are having?
* Is it the holy - days that business has closing on Friday and next
* Is it the holy food that has been marketed since January -
chocolate eggs, bunnies, and other shapes?
* Is it the holy food that avoids the shame of the name "cross" by
being labelled "Easter buns"?
* Is if the holy presence of a family get-together?
* Is it the holy 4-day weekend for people who want to go camping,
watch football live, or similar?

It is none of these. These days are holy, set-apart, because on them we
remember, and to some extent, re-enact, the events which brought about
our salvation.

* In Dimboola, we shall re-enact the institution of the Lord's
Supper, as we do at every Eucharistic Service, saying, "Our Lord Jesus
Christ, on the night when he was betrayed ..."

* In Dimboola, we shall re-enact the passion, as told by Saint John
in chapters 18 and 19.

* In Dimboola, we shall mark the stations of the cross in the main
street, not as historicity, but as a useful exercise in personal piety
and devotion.

* In Dimboola, we shall move from a firelit vigil to a dawn-breaking
celebration of Easter - the vindication of the one tried at a kangaroo
court and tortured and executed for no crime.

That makes it holy.


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