Friday, April 20, 2007

myth box

MythTv is a complicated beast - there are at least 40 software packages that need to be installed.

Having done that, I have discovered that although there is a myth-setup program, you need to first find some obscure documentation that tells you to run a script to establish an initial SQL database.  Now, I knew that an SQL database was used, so the cryptic console messages were not all that cryptic.  Nevertheless, it took a bit of finding to locate the script, and without detailed instructions on how to invoke it, and with which options, I would have been all at sea.

That done, I was able to run the setup program, and input the tv channels according to my previous experimentation.

However I can't get a picture.  I can still run kdetv and watch no problem, but for some reason Myth is not reading the tuner card correctly.

Moreover, since re-booting, I can't start the myth backend anymore - a permissions problem, I think.

There is part of me that thinks that this geek-ish project is deliberately hard to implement - a sort of geekiness test.  If you can't do lots of tweaking and configuring of scripts and config files manually, don't bother applying!

No time for more now.


At 4:11 pm, Blogger Rodney said...

It's a plan by Bill Gates to frustrate you into using Vista! ha ha ha ha ha!


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