Thursday, May 10, 2007

Root Canal - endgame!

Last Thursday I had an x-ray followed by the replacement of my temporary filling to finally complete the root-canal procedure that was started last year.  It was odd to be drilled in with no pain-blocking injection, and no pain either.  The price of $176 just for that day's work brings the total to almost $1000.  Ouch!  No pain in the tooth now, but plenty in the bank account!


At 9:06 pm, Blogger Rodney said...


I just had part of a filling replaced which had cracked off [$95]. That tooth also had a root canel job earlier this year [circa $930], and now needs to be capped as it has been weakened by the root cancel job. So, in 2 months I get to hand over another $1200. Probably no more than 2 visits - first will be about 1.5 hours, second probably 0.5 - 1 hour.

My wallet just shrivelled up, protested loudly and had a heart attack. I'm not far behind.

At 12:02 pm, Blogger Martin Scharnke said...

With a heart condition you won't be doing much flying, Rodney. :-)


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