Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spencer Street, oops, Southern Cross

The new regional and inter-state rail terminal, not quite complete in time for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, is now 100% up and running, and it's quite a facility.

Regional / inter-state trains are on the first 7 or 8 platforms, many on the fancy new V-locity trains (ugh - the spelling!) like the one in the centre.

Suburban trains start at platform 9 (I think) - you can see a train stationary at platform 10 to the left of the escalators.

The famous "wave-roof" design can be seen overhead, and the amount of natural daylight is good. I can also attest that the licensed bar next to the food court does good counter meals - a fettucine carbonara and a glass of house wine for $9.95 was very nice.

This was taken on my last trip to Melbourne, Thursday 17 May.


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