Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mythical MythTV

At this point in time, the Myth box has become unreality, not even myth!

1.   The cheap card I have doesn't encode, so I don't really have enough grunt in the processor (450-MHz PIII) to adequately use it as a PVR
2.   The Electronic Program Guide is not likely to work well, because of Australian free-to-air tv copyrighting of programming information.

However, I can (and do) have a small window (relative to my 1600x1200 desktop on a 21 inch CRT) with live TV from time to time.  This is, of course, at home, in the home office, not here at work, in the church office.

At some future stage, a Haupage PVR card with twin digital TV tuners and encoders is a nice dream!


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