Thursday, July 05, 2007

Adrelanalin, dark chocolate , coffee, or ?

Is it these three or the power of God's Word "when I am weak, then I am strong" that keeps me go, go, going from when someone dies until when the funeral and the wake are over?

In my 7 and then some years of ministry, I have never failed to have the strength - emotionally, physically, or spiritually - to be there for family, compassionately listening, or organising the myriad of details, or preparing myself for the task of preaching to the congregation at the funeral, many of whom are seldom seen at other times. Feedback I get tells me that I have always been a helpful presence - in persona Christi.

However, inevitably, I pay the price afterwards, and my body needs lots of recovery. Now, with a funeral in just under half an hour, I find myself in some trepidation of the bottom of the rollercoaster.

Do any other clergy who read this have similar experiences?


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