Thursday, July 19, 2007

District Study Day

In lieu of a District Convention (held only in even years) and General Convention of Synod (three-yearly, last held in 2006), this year a District Gathering has been organised by offering micro-subjects from Lutheran School of Theology.

Our whole family is looking forward to going, because it is only those that want to be at events like these that go, so we can be sure of meeting plenty of folk from around Victoria who want to meet with others in the church, worship together, eat together, and study together.

I'm not sure how well enrolments have been going ... it strikes me that attendance may be fairly low. Ballarat, in the middle of winter, with snow reported there at the beginning of this week - it doesn't sound very inviting!

I reckon it'll be great, even if we manage only 40 or 50 participants all up.


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