Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Passports - citizenship - here, or in heaven?

I am fortunate to have dual citizenship, in New Zealand and Germany, whilst being permanently resident in Australia.

However, the time has come to renew my German passport, and while I do so I am also applying for a passport for my daughter Maria. What would be relatively straight-forward if one lived within an hour of Melbourne becomes a rather big expedition.  Already I have spent some time wrangling with the Australian Immigration Department to document my status here.  Now, armed with this, and getting photos done to a very complex set of requirements, we will present ourselves in person at the Consulate-General in Melbourne on Friday.

It is worth all the effort, however.  Having lived and worked in Europe, I have enjoyed the freedom of being able to go anywhere in the EU, and be allowed to live and work there, holding an EU passport.  That will also be Maria's privilege as a German citizen.

Of course my citizenship is truly a heavenly one - we are but sojourners here on earth.


At 10:25 pm, Blogger Dr.John said...

No matter how many earthly citizenships we have it is good to rember where our real citizenship is.


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