Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School holidays and ruts

Our school students in the state of Victoria are on holiday.  Consequently, all is quiet at our Saint Peter's Lutheran School. There is no school bell at 9am (and again after recess at 11:30, and after lunch at 13:45).  There are no children playing to be heard from the manse before those three ringings of the school bell.  There is no staff devotion at 08:25am.

Furthermore, there is no Confirmation Class on Tuesday afternoons.

Routine is different, and whilst it is helpful not to have to be out of the house before 08:30 every weekday morning for a bit, the lack of familiarity can upset the equilibrium a little.

Ruts are interesting things - on the one hand they can tend to make everything too methodical, predictable and just the same.  On the other hand, they can help the wagon to steer itself!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Soldiering on

In accordance with the advertisement, I am "soldiering on with Codral."  Whilst in the office, I really feel like I should be in bed, but the drugs give me just enough clarity to do something, if not very well!

My GP yesterday concurred with my assessment that the flu vaccination this year just didn't cut the mustard - it hasn't provided inoculation against the strain that has knocked many people for six.  Three full weeks seems to be the average duration, and I'm not about to disagree - I've had symptoms for 13 days, now.  Moreover, though for the first week I did soldier on, medication alone couldn't keep me going.

Anyway, there are things to be done!  Let's hope that future influenza strikes are more effectively predicted!