Saturday, October 06, 2007

A change as good as a holiday?

Being without my secretarial help, the first week of two of the school holidays was high pressure for me, as the newsletter the Messenger needed to be published, including the calendar of events in the parish for the next two months (October and November). There is always at least one mistake in the calendar, and this time was no exception - two different persons took the time (and maybe also the pleasure?!) of pointing out an omission.

Needless to say, this second week of the school holidays hasn't been quite so full of pressure. A long overdue cleanup in my office was begin (sadly, not yet completed). I changed the furniture around, too. For nearly three years it has been in the one configuration. Unfortunately, it mean that when there was sunlight coming into the window, I needed to shut it out with blinds, or be dazzled when trying to use the computer. Consequently, it was often dark and gloomy. Fluorescent light only does so much, and the wavelengths (colour of the light) are all wrong.

Now, however, the blind can stayed pulled back and the natural daylight, and sunshine, can be relished!

It's a pleasure to be working in my new work environment! Maybe a change is as good as a holiday?