Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Back from holidays to hit the grond fast - mission festival, also.

One week of annual leave from the afternoon of Sunday 30 March until the afternoon of Monday 7 April was fantastic - 5 nights tenting in very pleasant conditions, and missing all the storm weather that lashed the state of Victoria last Wednesday 2 April.

Come back from holiday, and inevitably, the number of things that are shoe-horned in to the first week back makes you long for another holiday!

Things are marginally less crazy because I have declined to go to Melbourne Thursday afternoon for a Friday CLESER meeting - I'll be available on the phone to vote to make up quorum where necessary, but I can't spare the time for travel and overnight that I would otherwise need to give.

This Sunday, an exciting mission festival - Glenice Hartwhich, Projects Officer for LCA Overseas Missions will present on the work that Pastor Simon MacKenzie is doing in Thailand, and Lutherans from across the Wimmera/Mallee zone are invited. All our offerings will support the mission work in Thailand.