Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trinitarian Theology

Yesterday I had a long day - I got up at 0430, left here at 0500, drove to Melbourne for a Council for Lutheran Education in the SE Region meeting from 1000-1500, then drove home, arriving at around 2030.

I was asked in advance to lead the opening devotion for CLESER, and I chose to use some of what Marva Dawn writes in here book "Talking the Walk" on the Holy Trinity. I have previously sung the praises of this book here:

On this occasion, the necessity of the name being "Father, Son and Holy Spirit," and not some politically correct "Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier" was particularly helpfully expressed by Marva. I admire how Marva, both in her writing and in person, can be comfortable with her identity as a female sexual being, yet not jump on the feminist bandwagon of dismissing everything that has male terminology in the church as patriarchal and chauvinistic.

She writes: "to think that words for functions can distinguish the Godhead's three persons also dialectically vastly reduces the Trinity be separating the persons more than they ought to be ... In addition, to substitute functions for names diminishes God entirely by listing only three things that God does. Even more, the relationships of the persons are elided, and God is cheapened to jobs rather than elevated simply for who He is in intra-triune partnerships of unique particularity and intimate maturity." (pp 45-46).


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