Saturday, April 25, 2009

The idolatry of a nation

I know that I will ruffle feathers with this post, but here it goes ...

ANZAC day is something that I grew up with.  When I was in cubs and then scouts, I participated on more than one occasion in the march in Brooklyn up to Suragloaf Hill, to the War memorial there.  We prayed the Lord's Prayer and sang "Abide with me" and thanked God.

In Australia we have gone from thanking God to worshipping the dead as those who have saved us.  We have discplaced Christ as the one who died to save us.  We don't name God, and certainly not CHrist - it's not politically correct - it's not multi-cultural, multi-faith, relgiously inclusive.

I applaud the appropriate remembrance of sacrfice in war ... but I deplore the idolatry of the war dead.  ANZAC Cove and other "sacred" sites - e.g. the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne - have become places of worship of the Australian cult, along with the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


At 7:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honouring the Anzacs once a year may not be a bad thing but perpetuatinng untruths about them is. It is a nonsence that Anzacs fought for our freedom or that they were defending Australia. There was no threat to our freedom in World War I and, far from defending us, they were making an unprovoked attack on a country with whom we had no quarrel (just as with Vietnam, Iraq amd Afghanistan).
There is no doubt many displayed great bravery. We honour that, but it doesn't make Australia's unprovoked invasion of Gallipoli something we can be proud of.
David H Lewis, Hervey Bay, QldPublished in The Age 25 April 2009

At 2:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your comments about Anzac Day and remember you as a cub marching up Sugarloaf Hill !


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